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Servomold threaded cores standardly made of Böhler M340. This high performance plastic mold steel is eminently suitable for threaded cores. They are available in different dimensions. Depending on thread size and cavity distance, various system-sizes are used.

Servomold threaded cores can be cooled in various ways depending on the application:

  • In multi cavity molds via rotary cooling element RKE
    • Servomold cooling elements RKE are available in various diameters and lengths.
      They are based on sliding rings made of a special PTFE material with additions of carbon and graphite.
  • In multi cavity molds via fixed, cooled inner core
  • For single , double – and fourfold unscrewing via rotary feedthrough SDD
    • Servomold rotary feedthroughs SDD are available in various sizes and designs. They consist of a rotating inner part, screwed with the threaded core and a stationary outer part with cooling connections.

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