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Contourable SGC-for side gating

Version SGC – for side gating

The contourable tunnel gate insert of the version SGC can individually be adjusted on the respective gate situation. We deliver the prefabricated tunnel gate insert, you place it in the mould and get with the parting line the wanted gate-size.

The feed channel of the version SGC is already completely finished inside the tunnel-gate-insert. With a special manufacturing process, you get a tunnel-gate-insert with a 100% reproducible channel geometry.

The table shows the attainable shot weight into dependence to the viscosity of the used synthetic materials with the respective sizes.

  • curved tunnel permits gating deep inside the part
  • integrated dead-end recess reduces loss of pressure ans shear stress.
  • highly wear-resistant hot worked steel M2 (1.3343) -54+2HRC

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