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Ex-Cav Expandable cavities

Expandable Cavities (Ex-Cavs) mold undercuts such as threads, dimples, and protrusions.

The patented Ex-Cav design eliminates the engineering, maintenance, and machining required for side action mechanisms which results in smaller moulds or higher mould cavitation.

Technical Information:

  • Four sizes offered to satisfy a wide range of parts.
  • The Ex-Cav expands along a conical shape, 10° per side.
  • Manufactured from A-2, 54-57 HRC material for repeatable expansion. For optimal performance, the Ex-Cavs should ride against a hardened striker insert which can be manufactured by Roehr or customer supplied.
  • Maximum temperature: 260°C / 500° F
  • Expandable Cavities generally operate without lubrication.
  • Ex-Cavs can be ordered with molding detail for a ‘mould ready’ component.
  • Ex-Cav Fixtures for machining details in house are also available.
  • Custom Ex-Cavs are available. Also, when an entire part is formed within the cavity, an A-Series Ex-Cav can be provided.

Ex-Cav maching fixtures

Machining fixtures for ExCavs securely hold the expanding segments in place when grinding, high speed maching or EDM’ing.

Ex-Cav animation

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