Klap- en spreidkernen


Roehr’s MiniCores broaden the applications of collapsible core moulds to parts as small as 0.425 inches (10,8 mm). Due to the smaller diameters involved, these MiniCores employ three larger collapsing segments combined with three narrow, non-collapsing blades which are part of the center pin. As a result, the internal undercut geometry is not 360 degrees around but instead interrupted in three places. The 3-blade design allows for more collapse which means a deeper undercut feature can be released.

In addition to threads, other configurations such as dimples, cut-outs or protrusions beyond the capabilities of unscrewing moulds can be successfully moulded. Three standard sizes of MiniCores are available with diameters from 0.425(10,8) to 0.965 inches (24,5 mm).

Rt/Mini core animation

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