Klap- en spreidkernen


RT series

The RT Series Collapsible Cores (RT) are available in sizes to fit most inside detail applications. Whether moulding threads or complex details, these cores can simplify design and production. Collapsible Cores allow for smaller moulds to run faster cycles with less moving parts.

Made from premium tool steels and heat treated using proprietary heat treating methods. Standard diameters range from 13mm to 105mm.


RT series grinding rings

Grinding Rings for Collapsible Cores securely hold the core segments in place against the center pin when grinding, high speed machining or EDM’ing details.


Description of Components and Basic Operation

Both styles of the Collapsible Cores (Standard and MiniCores) are three-part assemblies, designed for simplicity of installation, reliability in operation, and long life. The three parts include a Collapsible Core, a Positive Collapse Sleeve, and a Center Pin.

RT-serie animatie

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