Servo Lineaire actuatoren

Het schone alternatief voor hydraulische cilinders.

LIM | LIX | LTX – Servo linear actuator “integrated”

The compact linear actuator with inverted roller screw spindle and integrated hollow shaft motor.

  • Available stroke, depending on the version from 76 mm to 610 mm
  • Embodiments of the roller screw spindle:
    –  LIM = standard roller screw spindle
    –  LIX/LTX = high capacity roller screw spindle
  • Position encoder system resolver or absolute encoder

Inverted planetary roller screw spindle

In the inverted construction, the spindle nut rotates instead of the spindle. In the integrated linear drive LIM / LIX this rotational movement is initiated by the rotor of the servo motor.



> Shorter construction through hollow shaft motor
> Compact, fully integrated design
> Spindle must be secured against rotation!

PGT – Servo linear actuator “fully integrated”

Compact linear actuator with roller screw and space-saving Servomotor on-top.

  • Spindle length from 250 mm to 3000 mm
  • Position encoder system resolver or absolute encoder optional with motor brake
  • Particularly low-noise running and high travel speeds
  • Large number of contat points allows compact design and long lifetime
  • High load ratings, high efficiency and high positioning accuracy


  • Ejector plates and needle lifting plates in hotrunner systems
  • Racks in unscrewing molds
  • Sliders and core pullers in injection molds

Planetary roller screw spindle

In comparison to ball screws the threaded roller spindle has a lot more contact points. Thus, considerably higher loads can be transmitted with greater rigidity. Advantages:

  • Compact dimensions
  • High forces and velocities
  • Long lifetime (about 15x to KGS)

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